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Broadway Health will distinguish itself as a leader in redefining health care delivery and will be recognized for the passion of its people and partners in providing quality, innovative care to the patients it serves to enable them to live healthy, happy lives.

We are a general practice, providing personal medical services. Some private medical services are also provided by other providers. 

The practice is committed to providing equal care for all, regardless of age, colour, religion or sexual orientation.

If you wish to register with us and live within the practice area i.e. Ladywood and some parts of Edgbaston and Handsworth, then please contact the reception.

We will use this surgery website to present all our patients with up to date news and information about our practice. We will keep it current with any developments or other details that we feel are relevant to you. 

As well as a source of information about our practice, the staff and the services we provide, we hope you will use this website as a useful resource for other health-related information. Please have a look around the site and do send us some feedback if you like. We can use your ideas to improve our online services and further develop the content of this website, making it a more useful, practical tool for everybody.

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Broadway Health Centre was part of the GP Awards 2018 and won both the Collaboration of the Year Award as well as the Primary Care Innovation Award!

The NHS belongs to the people

It is there to improve our health and wellbeing, supporting us to keep mentally and physically well, to get better when we are ill and, when we cannot fully recover, to stay as well as we can to the end of our lives. Click here to download 


BBC Birmingham July 2019

Dr Aslam at the BBC Birmingham Jitterbug July 2019

Open Day July 2019

Dr Manir Aslam interview at the Open Day on the 20th July.

Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme at the Open day.

July 2019, BCT promoting Apprenticeship scheme to young people on the open day.

PPG at the Open day

july 2019, Chairman promoting and recruiting patients to patient participation group.