Prescription Ordering Direct 

EPS - Electronic Prescribing Service


Prescription Ordering Direct is a Telephone Service for Patients to call and order their own repeat medication. The call will be handled by a trained Prescription Clerk.

Queries that cannot be answered by the prescription  clerk will be passed to the GP practice.

How do i access POD?

It's a simple phone call between Monday to Friday 9AM - 4PM on 0121 203 2030.


If Patient is requesting their carer to order on their behalf, a consent form is required.


The Electronic   Prescription   Service (EPS)  enables prescriptions  to  be  sent electronically  from  the  GP practice  to  the  pharmacy.

Eventually Electronic Prescription Service will remove the need for most paper prescription.


The benefits of EPS are that:

  • prescribers can process prescriptions more efficiently and spend less time dealing with prescription queries
  • dispensers can reduce use of paper, have improved stock control, and provide a more efficient service to patients
  • patients can collect repeat prescriptions from a pharmacy without visiting their GP, and won't have a paper prescription to lose.